CRPS/RSD is an awful disease that affects the entire nervous system. It's so underdiagnosed and usually takes years for a Doctor to make the diagnosis. It's a disease that causes so much pain and requires an entire lifestyle change. There is hope but not a cure. It requires a lifelong battle but you must keep fighting! I will keep up the fight..the disease will not win! I now have a great Doctor and in good hands. I have faith that this treatment will work!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cold Weather - YUCK!

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! I can't believe it's that time of year already. I was putting up the tree 2 weeks ago thinking..didn't I just do this not that long ago! Here it's going to be 2010 very soon! WOW! Where do the days go! I now have been out of school 20 years..boy do I feel old!

I haven't posted in a while because I have been pretty busy getting ready for the Holiday's and other family issues. I was also going through ketamine treatments and felt pretty good there for a while. The ketamine definitely works but this cold weather is NOT helping at all! My last ketamine infusion was December 3rd and my next one isn't until January 6th. I now go once a month for 2 days. I am back in a pretty bad flare up right now. My entire body hurts, horrible headache, red burning skin, hair falling out, vision problems, stomach issues, everything is back. I'm not to happy because I feel horrible. The weather got really cold here and has stayed cold for a while. We got a pretty good snow storm last weekend which was nice because it's now white for Christmas. That's all I've wanted for years now is a white Christmas. I wish it would snow on Christmas but that's asking for It's supposed to rain this year so the snow will be gone soon. A rainy Christmas is not what we asked for. I don't see this flare up ending anytime soon because the weather will still be cold, damp, cold,etc, etc. I am still on the list for inpatient ketamine treatment but have no idea when that will happen. In the meantime I'm toughing it out as I always do. I deal with it the best I can. I still can smile but somedays it's not so easy. I'm always tired and I don't sleep well. It's just a horrible disease and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I plan on having a wonderful Christmas with the family. I'm sure the kids will be happy with what Santa brings this year. Maybe Santa will be good to me also :) I think I've been pretty good.

Merry Christmas to all ..and a safe and Happy New Year! I will try to post more often to let you know how things are going.

Take Care..